You've just shot your new video! It's been fun being in front of a camera, singing your new single and looking forward to the possibilities a new video can offer. The production company has just sent you the final video and everyone loves it!

Now what? You have two choices... you can either have a very expensive coaster for your desk or you can make that video work for you to help build awareness for you as an artist or for your artist and to make the investment in that video start to pay off.

You're going to want to make sure that your video is seen and played by as many programmers as possible in as many places as possible!

How do you do that?  PROMOTION!  

Visual Image Marketing is the music video promotion company you want to promote your video.

• We have promoted over 175 music videos from Independent Country and Americana artists over the past 13 years from artists like Dolly Parton, The Grascals, Eddy Raven, The Bellamy Brothers, Andy Frasier (from the '60's group Free), American Idol finalist Michael Sarver, Joanna Mosca, Tim Ash, Tommy Steele, Senani, Susan Toney, and many others.

• We individually craft each client’s video promotion campaign based on that client's marketing goals. We do not jumble the artist's video into a compilation of other music videos.

• We love introducing new artists and their videos to video programmers across the nation and around the world.

• We would love to talk with you about your new music video.

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