Music Video Promotion is not usually a line item that gets inserted into the Making the Music Video budget... but it should be!

In today's visual world, an artist's music video can actually help that artist gain familiarity with both the music buying public as well as decision makers within the music industry (labels, talent buyers, radio programmers, etc.) The disconnect is that many artists & labels are not aware of the incredible potential that music video has and how to get that exposure.

Just like you need promotion at radio for a single, you need a promoter for your music video.

And it's not just the CMT/GAC/ZUUS/Heartland networks that are important! There are other video outlets that can build exposure for an artist's video, not only across the US, but in Europe as well.

Did you know…
  • In addition to the National music video networks like CMT Pure, GAC, ZUUS Country & Heartland, there are more than 60 music video outlets that play music videos from independent Country and Americana artists.
  • These music video outlets cover almost the entire nation and impact tens of millions of potential households.
  • These music video outlets are actively looking for new artists and new videos.
  • International video outlets impact millions of viewers in countries like Australia, Brazil, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Slovakia, Romania, Germany, and Holland.
  • Many of the programmers at these video outlets will tell their audience more about an artist and their video.  This helps build familiarity and branding for an artist.
  • The number of internet sites where Country and Americana music videos can be found is increasing daily.
Visual Image Marketing
  • Has promoted over 180 music videos from Independent Country and Americana artists over the past 14 years from artists like Dolly Parton, The Grascals, Eddy Raven, The Bellamy Brothers, Andy Frasier (from the '60's group Free), American Idol finalist Michael Sarver, Jay Jolley, Laura McCormick, Jess Taylor, Jeff Sable, Crystal Day, and many others..
  • Reports music video airplay numerically by plays, not by Heavy, Medium or Light notations.
  • Video promotions usually run 12 – 16 weeks.
  • Individually promotes each client’s video.
  • Loves introducing new artists and their videos to video programmers across the nation and around the world.
  • Would love to talk with you about your current or upcoming music video.

Visual Image Marketing is the music video promotion company you want to promote your video.

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